Flotilla Capital is a small investor focused registered investment advisory focusing on growth oriented equity investments. The product mix is not decided by commissions or institutional relationships. Flotilla feels it is positioned to prosper only if the clients prosper. 
Flotilla Capital believes passive investing is modern fad, with a nice sales pitch and endorsements-- however, we truly believe that there are times when owning stocks doesn't make all that much sense. Furthermore, Flotilla believes if you aren't thinking about your investments, or paying someone to do so, you are running more risk than you realize. A credit ratings agency should not be relied upon to decide what is in your portfolio via index security addition/deletion. 
Markets are information discounting machines, and we feel through hard work, automation and discipline we can maintain a small advantage in information processing.
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Investing with thought. 

Portfolio Composition

Flotilla Capital identifies "optical" and "near optical" long only growth stock portfolios consisting of 10 - 40 initially balanced positions. 

Stock Universe:

  • Domestically listed on major exchanges (NYSE and Nasdaq)

  • SEC disclosure compliant: quarterly and annual reports are filed timely

  • No Black Box names 

    • Ex-Banks or Mortgage REITs​ (i.e. hard to determine loan book quality from the outside)

    • Ex-Bio Tech highly event driven Bio Tech (FDA approval highly determining future prices and investment outcomes)

  • No acquirees​ post deal announcement

  • Certain large liquid unlevered ETFs


Idea Candidacy:

  • Higher than market average EPS growth forecasts

  • Ideally simple companies that fit into current capital market metas

Risk Management:

  • Flotilla does not portend to time the market, however will hold cash when appropriate, upwards of 100% of the portfolio in stormy weather. 

  • Systemic portfolio management that seeks to limit downside exposure while capturing some principal appreciation

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